Rap Music And Deviant Behavior Essay

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Rap music and Deviant Behavior in Teens Rap music is based on “African tradition of speaking rhythmically to a beat that is generally supplied by background music.” In the 80s, a rapper by the name of Grandmaster Flash would rap about “deplorable conditions of the inner cities” in order to bring attention to them. Gangsta rap is based on Grandmaster Flash’s song The Message because it raps about the conditions of poor communities. Gangsta rap are usually about police brutality towards youth in inner cities, the violence that are committed in communities where the artists are from, drugs and alcohol abuse, educational inequality. Since the early 1990s Rap music pacifically gangsta rap have become popular with teens and young adults because rap music sings about world problems that these teens and young adults face, in addition to that, the rap music is also about glamour and being rich which the teens fantasy about. Parents, teachers and other activists believe that rap music encourages deviant behavior in teens because it is filled slang, profanity, violence and sex in it; however, not all adults believe that rap music encourages bad behavior. Some believe rap music helps teens express themselves and in some cases allow the teenagers to write rap lyrics. Does rap music encourage deviant behavior? What would be considered deviant? A deviant behaves in a way that violates the norms of society and is met with disapproval by society.
Two opposing opinions When it…

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