Misogyny In Gangsta Rap Music

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Language choices can be affected by different social factors and norms. The lexical and structural choices that people make when they using language are dictated by class, wealth, education, race, religion and other factors. Rap music is one of the language choices for African American to express their feelings, emotion, anger, frustration, misogyny and ideas; it is a reflection of the cultural and political environment from which it is born. Gangsta rap music is an ideology affected by the myth of poverty of African American. It is a source of empowerment and resistance for African American men, where they use their authority among women. Also, the use of misogynistic ideology is often used by the gangsta rappers. Rap music is chosen by …show more content…
Misogyny is a philosophy that diminishes women to items for sex and for men’s possession, use, or abuse. It reduces women to disposable beings. “Misogyny in gangsta rap is the promotion, glamorization, support, humorization, justification, or normalization of oppressive ideas about women” (Adams & duller, 2006). Most of the gangsta rap music had a pejorative declaration about women associated with sex, declaration including ferocious movements toward women, references of women producing problem for men, description of women as operators of men, references of women being below men, and references of women as serviceable beings. Misogyny has a cultural ideas rather than a musical importance. Misogyny in gangsta rap music is a greater portion of the social, cultural and economic structure. It has an incalculable impact on all the features of society (Dobkin, 1987). The idea of misogyny was formed in united-states by the formation of the capitalist patriarchal system, which is based on the domination and ruling of men. The idea of misogyny became a systemized ideology that pervaded all features of culture and society. The political correctness by using words in order to describe group of people has been used by white patriarchy to justify their offensive behaviour toward those people (Adams &

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