The Effect Of Hip-Hop Music On Racial Relationship

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The question whether hip-hop music has either improved or injured racial relationships is in itself truthful yet deceitful in both its positive and negative connotations. In recent years, there has been contention about rap music and its effect to racial associations. It appears that political and media groups are placing blame on hip-hop for the current witnessed increase in violence amongst the youth. This is based on the rivalry between the East Coast and West Coast regions where rappers Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur were murdered. Examples of such incidents are recent school shootings in Townville Elementary School, South Carolina. In as much as critics blame the violent message conveyed through hip-hop music, they are leaving out …show more content…
It should be acknowledged that Hip-hop is not just a commercial trend but also a form of music genre. Hip-hop together with its forms, history, and importance socially must be incorporated in schools’ curriculums akin to jazz, folk music, and classical music. Teachers and students should engage in open discussion on accompanying matters such as the link between gangs and rap as well as the presence of homophobia, misogyny, and violence in some hip-hop songs. School music programs should embrace hip-hop and devise a means to relate learners’ involvement with it. Consequently, hip-hop rap could be meshed with English curriculum as a literary form. Students should be allowed to practice writing and to create an understanding of hip-hop rhymes by performing their own compositions. This phenomenon will also help them to think critically and appreciate the art (Daredevil …show more content…
This is regardless of the blame attributed to hip-hop for the existence of violence and social rot. To comprehend the various aspects of hip-hop, it is imperative to view it as the result of an assortment of political, economic, and historic situations as well as to learn the purpose that it serves. It is a means of venting for those enslaved by economic, historic, and political dictatorship. To address misogyny, violence, and homophobia in hip-hop music effectively, the cause of the fault and mismatches in opportunities and resources for urban inferiorities must be addressed. Hip-hop music is a structure for challenging the systems of modern day slavery, which have brought to existence class disparities. Opportunities and resources should be given to the inner-city minority youth to stop the cycle of hostility and skepticism as well as to give them hope for the

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