Rap Frog By Edgar Allen Poe Essay

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Author, Edgar Allen Poe, in his short story, “Hop Frog,” portrays how hop frog is mistreated. Poe’s purpose is to enhance the transcendence of Hop-Frog and the inability of the King to recognize the fact. He adopts a creepy and dark tone in order to provide the reader with emotion, symbolism, and irony.
In Poe’s short story, “Hop Frog,” revenge drives the main plot and is Hop-Frog’s main reason for carrying out his actions. The king is notorious for loving jokes, but in the most horrible way that only a fat statistical king would love jokes. Hop frog is considered a fool, a cripple, and a dwarf by everyone in the kingdom and for years both Hop Frog and a girl named Trippetta have been mistreated by the king and his seven ministers. Being mistreated by the king and his seven ministers, hop frog grew a thirst for revenge over the years from the mistreatment they have given both him and Trippetta. The noise and bearing of teeth are an example of how Poe uses emotion to show aggression. Hop Frog becomes enraged when the king violently pushes then throws a cup of wine to Trippetta’s face, “without uttering a syllable, he pushed her violently from him, and threw the contents of the brimming goblet in her face.” During the silence that follows, everyone hears, “a low, but harsh and protracted grating sound which seemed to come at once from every corner of the room.” The grating sound represents the aggression Hop Frog has towards the king for what he had just done to Trippetta. The…

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