Rap And Hip Hop Music Essay

2017 Words Dec 7th, 2016 9 Pages
From its inception, rap and hip-hop music was always seen as a subculture that was intended to deviate from the dominant culture in New York society. The hip-hop we have today is much different from the state it was in since its creation in 1970’s in Bronx, New York. Back then it was a time where young minority men could feel free to express themselves without being criticized. Its original elements were graffiti, rapping, breakdancing and DJing. They used to connect their struggles with the general public through their art. The initial purpose of rap meant to be used as a vessel to evoke passion in the people to stand up to all the social injustices that were happening to minorities everywhere. Our voice may be the most powerful weapon that we can possess, because it is more impactful and significant than resorting to violence in most cases. Artists such as DJ Kool Herc, MF Doom, MC Lyte, Salt-n-Pepa and others told stories of their daily interactions through their music. Women have been amongst the most creative MC’s as they can often provide a new outlook in an industry that is predominately dominated by men. The women MC’s sought to enlighten males and females about about the world and themselves. Yet, we rarely see women brought up in the debate for greatest MC of all time, even though many women have transcended barriers that their male counterparts have not. It often seems systematic how women are typically withheld from the discussion period. Rap is a co-ed genre,…

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