Essay about Rant : Smoke Gets On My Nerve

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Rant: Smoke gets on my nerve
Dear Suzan,
When I imagined about the cigarette in my hand, I felt like I reached the heaven in short interval by smoking a puff of it. Previously I used to think that smoking is the most senseless activity in the world. The story behind the bullshit cigarette in my life is long like 3 years. Smoking has changed my life through various aspect. I was intelligent child who was curious to his grades of school, family, friends and relative since the childhood. I was first introduced to the cigarette by my colleague in my high school when I was in grade ten. The scenario was bitter for me. I had failed the math exam. Psychologically I was in depression then my fellow urged me to have a puff of cigarette in school’s wash room in order to relief pain. Although I had a bunch of knowledge about negative aspect of smoking, my frustration made me to take the first puff. When I took the first puff, I cannot tolerate the disgusting taste and smell of smoke. It was smelling like thick sent of melted paint and scorched wood. My nose felt like something bitter and pungent one. The date was August 21, 2013 when I smoked for the first time and the date won’t be erased from my mind. Though the smell was bad as hell, I took the second puff and I was like almost lost. I forgot about my exams, family, and even I forgot the friends standing beside me. The only thing I remember was the cigarette in my hand and the world I imagined after smoking it. I was coughing…

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