Ralogical Analysis Of Sugar Cane In 12 Years A Slave

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I. Summary
Sugar Cane is where they begin the story as African Americans are taught by white folks and worked as slaves to please those that were white. Solomon Northup, a free black man, from New York is kidnapped by two white men who bribe him to go with them to Washington, where he is drugged and then woken up secured to chains where he is then brutally beaten. A few days later he is then transferred by horse and boat to ultimately be sold to a landowner. He starts off having a good relationship with the master. One thing that stood out about Solomon was the way that he could play the violin and that stood with him as he then played at social gathering throughout the movie. Before long Solomon gets into an altercation with another master
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Being beaten, whipped, tortured, and even intimidation where all method used to deter those that are black to run away due to the gruesome beating they would receive once they’re found. You could tell in the movie that people were scared for their lives as they would allow these kind of racist acts to take place. The film gave me a different perspective on life and the benefits that I have as a white individual. Not having to worry about someone looking over my shoulder making sure I do exactly what they say makes a big difference. The film made me feel increasingly sad that African Americans involved with this period of time had to go through countless acts of violence for no reason. Not being granted the basic values of life that everyone deserves makes you realize how much an individual has today compared to what they had in the past when slavery was legal. It inspired me even more to reach out to those that are still racist and help get the point across that it’s not ok to discriminate. The way white people decided to live their lives in the past offended me and made me wonder how someone would be ok in the wrong doing that would take place. How someone would be a part and even watch these beatings take place on a daily basis like it is morally right. It ended up confirming beliefs, I already had on the issue, but confirming exactly how bad they really were. It also made me rethink the way people got involved in the issue and how it could have easily been

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