Essay about Raising The Minimum Wage?

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Raising the minimum wage The topic of raising the minimum wage seems to be quite popular now a days. Although a pay raise may sound good to some of the working poor, the majority of the working poor might not benefit from being paid more. The sources below will help provide the information that is needed to determine if the raising of the minimum wage would help or hurt the working poor.

Tennant, Michael. "Minimum wage: the ups & downs: raising the minimum wage is offered as a way to help minorities and the working poor, but doing so would end up hurting those groups the most." The New American 2014: 10. Academic OneFile. Web. 27 July 2015.
Michael Tennant writes about how raising the minimum wage would only hurt the working poor. Tennant says that if the minimum wage was raised it would bring unemployment to a higher level. When employers have to raise the minimum wage, they fire more people so that they can afford to pay the new wage rates. Tennant talks about how raising the minimum wage would not stimulate the economy. Instead of all of the working poor getting raises, only a few would get more money while the others are left broke and jobless. Tennant talks about the three P’s, profit, politics, and public relations, which are the reasons why people are still fighting for the government to raise the minimum wage.

Rogers, Brishen. "Justice At Work: Minimum Wage Laws And Social Equality." Texas Law Review 92.(2014): 1543. LexisNexis Academic: Law Reviews. Web. 27…

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