Raising Drinking Or The Sale Of Alcohol Essay

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Organized efforts to control and limit drinking or the sale of alcohol have been persistent in the United States since the early nineteenth century. For many years, before any public demonstration was made against the liquor traffic, and for some years after, distilleries by many people were deemed a blessing to the community. They provided a ready market for any surplus grain that was raised. The business was considered respectable; and members of churches, and even deacons engaged in it without any detriment to their moral character or standing in society. But, after a few years of temperance work, it dawned upon the minds of some that these distilleries were a source of evil rather than good, for they were “sowing the seeds of drunkenness and poverty, and helping to fill the jails and prisons with victims; and therefore deserved the condemnation rather than the condemnation of the community” (Clark, 31). Intemperance, many argued, “is not like some other vices peculiar only to modern times. For nearly six thousand years it has been, not only the ‘pestilence that walketh in darkness,’ but also ‘the destruction that wasteth at noon-day.’” A few individuals met together in Boston some time during the fall of 1825, to consider the question, “What shall be done to banish intemperance from the United States?” The interest was undoubtedly provoked by the operations of the Society for the Suppression of Intemperance that encouraged others to see that drunkenness was making…

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