Essay about Raising Boys And Girls The Same Way

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Raise Boys and Girls the Same Way

Over the past few years, gender roles have became a highly discussed issue in America. One of the specific topics being how today 's youth is being raised in different households around the country. There are some people that believe parents are pushing their kids to behave a certain way, while others think that they don 't affect their children at all. In the article, Why Boys Don’t Play With Dolls by Katha Pollitt, we see evidence of adult expectations. Adults push strict gender roles onto their kids by the toys they give them, how the treat them, and the roles the parents stick to in the household. The best example of adult influence on children is from the products that they buy for them. In a Ted talk, Anthony Schello, points out that, “we use gender as a way to construct our children 's reality” (Schello, “Pink and Blue”). The steps to constructing a child 's reality can be seen through the toys their parents decide to buy for them. In a stereotypical world, boys get trucks and dinosaurs; girls get Barbies and bows. Buying toys for kids based solely on their gender is suppressing the child 's right to be who they wish to be, something no parent should do to their child. The article, Gender Role Development, points out that, “before children can express their own preferences, parents begin to create different environments for boys and girls” (Gender Role Development, 2). This leads to kids growing up with the mindset that they have…

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