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The article I have chosen is “A Green Desk Powered By The Person Sitting At It”. Eddi Tornberg is the inventor of this desk that uses the potted plants, heat, and motion from your body to create energy to power the desk but it still has a long ways to go. The prototype only creates enough energy to power a small laptop for a short amount of time.

The carpet has a special element in it that creates energy when you walk or roll on it. The chair has a special film that captures energy from the metal heating up while you are sitting at the desk. The plants in the area around the desk somehow serve as a microbial fuel cell.

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Even though Mr. Tornberg’s prototype is very simple and has a long way to go I can imagine that you can incorporate his ideals in to building a whole house around them. What if you take his carpet and put it under your refrigerator. Every time it would come on it would be creating energy from the vibration. Right now solar, hydro, and wind are at the forefront of renewable energy and still these energy sources have proven to not be as cost effective as coal, nuclear or gas.

We as a society must embrace the change that is coming. Not by waiting on the government to tell us what is good but using our own smarts to incorporate the change that is most practical for the individual. We must collaborate with other people with like minded ideals to solve the problem and create many different solutions to the problem so that not one size fits all. Humans are lazy by nature but they are also concerned about their electric bill. This will give everyone the incentive to buy any product that will help reduce their bill.

Just recently a private company launched a man into space and docked with the space lab. They did it cheaper and faster than the government could ever do. In the coming years you will see the same thing happen with green energy, in the meanwhile you will hear the failures too.

Because there is a demand for these types of products, corporations have extensive R and D

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