Radio Observation Essay

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So there you are, sitting in your car, turning the dial ever so slowly, watching the needle steadily move along the number line. A cloud of static fills the air as you navigate through a storm of voices and melodies. Then, all of a sudden, the storm dissipates and a booming voice travels through the speakers. The voice catches your attention and joins you for the drive until you arrive at your destination. Most would call this wonder the radio; an impeccable source of information and entertainment. Recently, I was given the opportunity to observe the WSEU 93.7 FM radio station on campus and see the magic behind the scenes.
During my time there, I observed 2 different radio broadcasts: “JT in the Morning” from 11:00am-12:00pm and a Music based show from 12:00pm-1:00pm. The moment the first time I walked into the station was one that I will never forget. First off it was cold – freezing in fact. They had to keep the room cool because of all the equipment. They did not want to let
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They did a Thanksgiving themed show since the day I went was two days before brake. During the show, they spoke on a variety of subtopics within Thanksgiving. Most of the time Tori would ask Josh questions like “What does your family like to do for Thanksgiving?” or “Did you do any black Friday shopping?” and Josh would reply. While I was sitting there, watching them, I could tell that they both had great chemistry with each other. They knew how to read each other even though the show was purely improvised and unscripted. They had a theme, spoke from the heart and just went with it. During commercial breaks, I got to speak with Josh and Tori about what they enjoyed about being on the radio. Tori basically told me that she really enjoyed being on the air, especially with a friend. Josh also told me that he could not “imagine doing

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