Book Review Of Mike Lupica's Miracle On 49th Street

Miracle on 49th Street Imagine you wake up one day and not know who your dad is and then find out he is a superstar athlete. Miracle on 49th Street by Mike Lupica, is a 256-page young adult fiction book about a twelve-year-old girl trying to convince a superstar athlete that he is her dad
Molly Parker, the main character, is a twelve-year-old girl who had just moved back to Boston from London with her mom before her mom died from cancer. Her main goal in the book is to convince Josh Cameron that he is her dad. Josh Cameron is a superstar point guard for the Boston Celtics and Molly’s father, even though he doesn’t know it. He dated Molly’s mom before she moved to London to study abroad and to have Molly. Josh doesn’t believe Molly
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Mattie is Josh’s housekeeper and basically his mother. Barbra Evans was Molly’s moms best friend in college and who Molly is staying with now. She hates Josh. Kimmy Evans is Barbra’s daughter and is fascinated with Josh.
The story starts with Molly Parker sneaking out of school early and going to the Boston Celtics open practice. There she plans to sneak out to the players parking lot and tell Josh Cameron that he is her father. She tells him about her mother’s death first and then about him being her dad. He doesn’t believe her and drives off. When she gets home she is accidentally told on by Kimmy, who feels awful about it. Molly is grounded and starts to plot a way to talk to Josh again with her best friend Sam. They use Sam’s sportswriter uncle to get into the game and stay late after the game. They again sneak to the parking lot to talk to Josh, but this time Sam distracts him and Molly sneaks into his car. She rides in his car for a while until she hits her head and is found by Josh. He takes her to his apartment where they talk more, but he still doesn’t believe her and she storms out. A couple days later Josh and his housekeeper Mattie show up on Molly’s
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Molly never feels a part of the Evans family and wants one of her own. There is a part where she sees Kimmy and her dad hanging out and thinks about how she wants that. She wants Josh to want her because he knows she is his daughter. You know this because one time when she is talking to Sam, she says “I want him to believe he is my father because he wants to, not because a test tells him he is.” Josh also thinks that he has no room for a family in his busy lifestyle, but at the end of the book he is ready when he tells her “First I had to come get my

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