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Declaration of Alma-Ata International Conference on Primary Health Care, Alma-Ata, USSR, 6-12 September 1978 The International Conference on Primary Health Care, meeting in Alma-Ata this twelfth day of September in the year Nineteen hundred and seventy-eight, expressing the need for urgent action by all governments, all health and development workers, and the world community to protect and promote the health of all the people of the world, hereby makes the following Declaration: I The

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Primary health care is the key to
attaining this target as part of development in the spirit of social justice.
Primary health care is essential health care based on practical, scientifically sound and
socially acceptable methods and technology made universally accessible to individuals and
families in the community through their full participation and at a cost that the community
and country can afford to maintain at every stage of their development in the spirit of selfreliance
and self-determination. It forms an integral part both of the country's health system,
of which it is the central function and main focus, and of the overall social and economic
development of the community. It is the first level of contact of individuals, the family and
community with the national health system bringing health care as close as possible to where
people live and work, and constitutes the first element of a continuing health care process.
Primary health care:
1. reflects and evolves from the economic conditions and sociocultural and political
characteristics of the country and its communities and is based on the application of the
relevant results of social, biomedical and health services research and public health
2. addresses the main health
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