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The company, Radigan’s, is in a serious situation. Unfortunately, the company is in danger of going out of business. Brian Strode, Radigan’s Chief Executive, must make critically analyzing to find the specific solution at this point. There are grave complications such as old equipment and old workers, no cutting edge, etc. Above all, the most urgent problem to be fixed is internal stabilization. Managers can be divided into three main problems in a large frame of the issue; no mission statement, worker’s motivation and training, what competitive pressure does business have. Employers should specify these problems more clearly to employees. If Radigan’s can accomplish internal stabilization, this company will be profitable again. As a result, …show more content…
Also, the reason why there is no craving for work is that employees don’t know what they get from working. At this point of time, the policy of Human Resource Management (HRM) is truly needed. HRM’s purpose is making a profit by distributing employees effectively. By implementing a policy of HRM, it can make trust and overcome problems. It will lead to the synergy effect of stabilization. For example, shop floor workers who are employed by regular recruitment know the work in detail because they are working in the same workplace for a long time. However, pen pushers don't know anything about the real work of the company so shop floor workers have complained. In this situation, if the company makes shop floor worker moves up the ladder to the manager, office business will improve efficiency and be more professional. Also, employees can communicate better because he was the same position with the shop floor worker. It will be a motivation as they want to be a manager, too. However, as each person has the different happiness that they want, the ministry of personnel must know what they want. In this case, Elton Mayo’s human relations movement theory is similar to kind of this motivation. It means that employees are motivated by managers’ care, relationship and communication. The company actually needs to consider about value of relationship between people. Hence, for resolving these problems, training and motivation are absolutely

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