Racism, Oppression, Discrimination, And Discrimination Essay

2069 Words Dec 9th, 2016 9 Pages
During his semester we’ve read books that talked about a multitude of problems including internal hatred, systematic racism, oppression, discrimination, problems with parents, and plethora of other subjects. While I related most to the author Coates, the themes Wilderson and Hartman are also very relatable. Attending a school with less than ten other colored students like myself had a huge impact on my self-esteem and the way I viewed myself growing up. Like Coates, fitting in was always a problem I had. I always felt like the odd one out, mostly because of the color of my skin but also because financially I couldn’t keep up with my “friends.” I remember constantly degrading myself and my culture to appeal as funny to them and now that I look back at it, I’m disgusted at how desperate I was to fit in with people that didn’t care about my mental health. With this being said, I want to bring attention to the way I grew up back home and how it has affected me being at a school this large. Socially, emotionally, and mentally I’ve gone through a lot and being at a school this challenging is not always easy but I’m slowly finding what works for me. I want this paper to be about the feelings that I suppressed for years because I felt like my internal conflicts would be bothersome to my peers. Just like Hartman, I felt the need to escape to somewhere else to find myself but didn’t know where I could go at such a young age. Instead of doing something I productive I dove into…

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