Racism : One World, Many Colours Essay

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Racism – One World, Many Colours

Society had morals, and assumes something out of all humans, and once something is seen as dissimilar, society attempts to get rid of it. Racism has remained something that goes back in history, and has produced commandments to be created. Canada is a multiracial country which also consists of collective discrimination and racism. Social discrimination plays a main role in many individual’s life and likewise outlines their thoughts, personality and guidance. Racism is considered to be a type of discrimination, which is predominant in today’s generation but not everybody is racist. Racism is a generally assembled phenomenon centered on the notion of label and preconception that defines the intimidating or destructive state of mind of two different races (Symbaluk, Bereska, 2012). That being said, I agree with the 32 per cent of individuals who agree that racism is a significant problem in Canada, therefore, this essay will focus on how racial discrimination is portrayed in our nation.
Racism is a social issue where individuals contemplate we cannot control, but in reality we can manage it to an extent. Without a doubt, people can unintentionally be racist and undoubtedly judge someone due to their past understandings. Personally, I feel that we need to battle against racism, not fight with it because there are many individuals who are victims of racism and it needs to end. Thus, there are four main types of racism. Spatial economics,…

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