Racism Is Just Non Existent Anymore Essay

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Racism throughout history has deep roots. It is inevitable that it has existed since time has begun. Some say that racism is just non-existent anymore, while others say that racism is only getting worse. Hanna Guthrie, an English student, writes an article called “Black History Month?” to argue her side. Guthrie argues, “…hyphenating ones racial category…is a modern-day form of segregation” (2). Guthrie’s point is that racism is a self-inflicted issue since minorities decide to hyphenate their racial category. In retrospect, Peggy McIntosh, an anti-racism activist and writer of “White Privilege, Male Privilege” claims, “I think whites are carefully taught not to recognize white privilege, as males are taught not to recognize male privilege” (91). McIntosh is indicating whites are specifically not taught the advantages they have, so they cannot recognize racism throughout history. Both Guthrie and McIntosh discuss racism, Guthrie believes racism is caused by self-infliction but McIntosh believes racism is caused by white privilege. I agree with McIntosh point that whites are not specifically taught recognize their advantages and racism. However, I would like to add that racism has created an unprogressive society. This is because racism adds social stigmas to minority races, leaves a huge dent in our society, and it is still existent to this day. Of course, the UTA community would not be so fond of these effects because of its diverse population and avocation of racial…

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