Racism Is A Fight For African Americans Essay

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Racism is a battle African Americans have been fighting since the beginning of time and will continue to fight until the end of time. After centuries of enslavement, innocent lives being taken and countless sit-ins we continue to face the same opposition. The same devil just in a different form, because even though African Americans have acquired freedom we are still slaves to a racially structured society. Just look at Michael Brown, who is one of the many young African Americans whose life was brutally taken by an irrational officer. A troubled but innocent life brought to a halt because of injustice. Not only was Mike Brown killed for no reason but shortly after media made it priority to assassinate his character. This why we say media often give us a face we weren’t born with!

The NY Times gave Mike Brown a face he wasn’t born with in the article written by John Eligon. For every positive statement made about Mike Brown followed 3 negative remarks negating what was just said. Its like they killed him twice. The first paragraph of the article states that Mike Brown was a recent high school graduate and was currently in the process of finding God alongside peace. Right after that they begin to bash Michael Brown with comments such as “He was no angel and began to discuss how he dabbled in drugs & alcohol”. The writer even went as far as saying how Brown was suspected of getting into a scuffle with a neighbor.
Yet, no other supporting details about the incident were…

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