Racism Is A Big Problem Essay

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Racism has always been such a big problem. It is a big problem now, in 2015, and it was a big problem in the 1930’s when Harper Lee wrote the book To Kill a Mockingbird. Racism was shown in the Scottsboro trials, where nine boys were accounted for raping two women (Kindig). Racism was also shown in the Emmett Till trials, where two white men killed a young boy but were not punished (Linder). Racism is a horrible problem, it has caused many deaths and false accusations. Another case that has involves racism is the Miguel Pena-Rodriguez Trials. Racism was also shown in southern California when seven women were asked to leave a restaurant on the false pretense of them violating the sitting rule in the restaurant. In To Kill a Mockingbird Tom Robinson, an African-American man, was charged guilty for something he did not do. What happened was that Tom was always doing odd jobs around town for different people and every day he would walk by the same house. In this house lived a man and his daughter. One day while the father was gone, the daughter asked Tom to stop and help her with something in the house. Tom walked in the house and helped her. While he was helping her, she began to throw herself at him. As soon as this happened, Tom saw her father and Tom started to run away (Lee).
When the father came back to the daughter, he started to beat her. Then, he called the police to tell them that Tom Robinson had raped and beaten his daughter. This case went to court and Atticus…

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