Racism Is A Big Part Of Our Society As A Whole Essay

1583 Words Mar 28th, 2016 7 Pages
Racism is a big part of our society as a whole. For surely we know that it is somewhat getting better but not at the rate everyone would like it too. We need to step up and make our world a better place for every kind of ethnic group out there. Regardless of the fact there are a bunch of videos and articles that help support people against anti-racism and will help everyone out. This paper will include two different sources from videos explaining a whole variety of racial issues, also how they connect with the readings that we have had in class. Also a speaker that I will never forget and how he changed my life drastically. Let the fun begin! The first video is a speaker named Maggie Potapchuk who is talking about racism and how it plays a role in Canada and the United States Canada does not have a multi culture week like the United States does. She talks about we need each other to defeat racism because not just one group or business has the resources to defeat racism. During this event she asked everyone to get up and she asked two questions. If you work to achieve peace you should move to your left, and if you work to achieve justice move to the right. She asked a lot more questions like that to see where people ended up. She did this activity to prove to people that if everyone works together we can get past anything. In this specific case she was talking about racism. We as a whole can all address racism better if we work together as a team, as a country. She talked…

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