Essay On Racial Stereotyping

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The United States ended slavery in 1865 and desegregated in 1956 (Smith, par. 70,95), but that does not mean that there are not still racial issues in our world today. Racism can be one of three things: showing hostility toward another race, believing that racism is dead, or applying negative attributes to a certain race (Dixon, par. 7). Racial stereotyping is seen day after day, mostly in digital media—specifically television. Although many will say racism does not exist anymore, there are many sources that prove that it does and how it affects and influences people negatively. There are too many people that believe that racism is dead, but it is truly still a huge problem, especially in the media. People try to justify racist remarks by …show more content…
If more activist groups come together and confront the digital media, this movement could happen sooner rather than later. It is so sad that racism still exists in our nation, “the land of the free.” Contrary to what many people believe about racism still existing, it is proven that it does. Racism can and does negatively affect and influence people, this is especially found in the digital media. Television is the most popular source of media where racial stereotyping is found. Many try to justify their racism by turning it into jokes. This only increases racism in our world. Television easily influences its viewers’ thoughts and beliefs about races. There are several ways on how the digital media portrays certain racial and ethnic groups. There are even television shows that purposefully use racial stereotyping as a way to increase their shows ratings. Racial stereotyping is highly affective on those being negatively portrayed in the media. It is also very influential on its viewers’ beliefs, opinions, and attitudes towards races. Racial stereotyping is so common but needs to be ended. Eliminating racial stereotyping in the media will also help to eliminate it completely in our society, as it is such a huge problem. This is an issue that needs to be addressed and put to a stop as soon as

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