Racism In The Death Penalty

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Capital punishment is a very controversial topic in america right now because of moral reasons such as if they killed why should we kill them. Also why should we have a the right to take a life if the reason why we are killing is because the man took a life. The cost is another part of the controversy, because it costs more to kill the prisoner than it does to keep them in prison for life without parole. Prison is supposed to be punishment for the bad things people do so if prison is worse than outside life why do we have it. Finally people always wonder if capital punishment has something to do with racism because if it does than people want to get rid of it completely. Morality is a very big thing in the world today because people always want to be seen as the good guy. That is because …show more content…
Racism is hard to detect . All we can do to find racism is look at statistics, and facts about it. Like the amount of white lawyers vs black lawyers that are assigned death penalty cases. The current statistic is 97.5 % of attorneys that are on death penalty cases are white. Which seems to be for racism in the death penalty, but also you would have to see the amount of white vs black attorneys that year. What really comes to it is people are more afraid to be racist that they go easy on the case. In 2005 there was a study done to see if there was racism in the death penalty. It showed that 58% of people executed were white and 34% were black. Although it continues on showing that white people have a lot more homicides than black, and the white people tend to kill other the extra money they earn can be spent on a prison store that is run by another prisoner. white people; while black people tend to kill other black people. That shows that people don’t want to be racist so much that won’t kill the other race (Issues of fairness: Racial bias and quality of legal representation, by Kim master

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