Essay about Racism And The Fight Against Racism

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Racism might possibly be the most controversial topic in the United States. There are some who say the the fight against racism has been overcome that is highly false. Although some progress has been made toward racial equality, America remains a very racist country. Racism has been a part of this nation since it came to be. Throughout the past people have fought against it and made an attempt at removing it from our society, but they have failed in doing so.
Racism began along with America, and it has never really been eradicated. Slavery was a normal part of life in early America. In 1619 slaves were brought into Jamestown, Virginia to aid in the production of crops such as tobacco. African American slaves were used throughout both the 17th and 18th centuries. They were used as cheap, easy labor. By the mid 19th century there was a large debate over slavery which was a part of the Civil War. With the victory of the north four million slaves were set free (“Slavery”, 2). All of this stemmed from the blacks not being seen as people, which was a very racist idea that laid the foundation for the racism today.
Although the slaves had their “freedom”, they were not truly free. Segregation was a widely accepted concept. People had taken to heart the “separate but equal” Jim Crow laws. It became perfectly acceptable to have facilities divided by race, just as long as the services were somewhat similar (“Racial”, 2). Schools were a big example of this, because there were both…

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