Racism And The Civil Rights Movement Essay

762 Words Feb 15th, 2016 4 Pages
February 7th, 2016 there was a stabbing in Cazenovia, a student of ethnic diversity was stabbed behind subway around 2am. On the 9th, a racially slurred, inappropriate, and hurtful Craigslist response was posted online that went viral within the community and many black people expressed they have not felt safe since. The following day, the campus held a dialogue circle to discuss race and diversity, sadly the majority of people who attended were ethnic minorities and the few white people in attendance were mostly student leaders. In class, Thursday, February 18th, we discussed civil rights, social rights, political rights, and slavery. In lieu of recent events and our class discussion on Thursday it is important to discern the difference between rights of individuals and general attitudes. Additionally, this is a microcosm to the Civil Rights movement, specifically attitudes towards minorities, despite legal laws and human rights. In the Craigslist response, the writer was clearly uneducated about black culture and also bashed Cazenovia, the town, and made multiple spelling errors. Black people were referred to as “niggers” and the ones attending Cazenovia College were accused of attending for free through HEOP. Additionally, the writer said black people do not want an education or a better life, instead they want just want to sell drugs and be pimps. The online Craigslist response hurt more than just black people, it hurt white allies, the town, and possibly Cazenovia…

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