The Advantages Of Affirmative Action

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First off I believe that Affirmative Action is a great policy put in place to make sure that diversity is achieved and maintained (Wilkins, V. M., & Wenger, J. B., 2014). Having a diverse work and school community helps expose people to different ideas and cultures that are different from there 's and gives individuals a different perspective of several topics. For many centuries minorities including blacks, Latinos, women, and homosexuals have been placed lower on the totem pole as compared to white Americans (Green Cage., 2015). There have been several civil rights laws and Supreme Court cases that have attempted to encourage integration between races yet never helped or succeed. Slavery was also a time where African Americans were not even …show more content…
Also dealing with diversity in the workplace is definitely an advantage because most successful businesses handle issues with multi-cultural communities and having a diverse employee roster could help with language or cultural barriers that would otherwise be a problem with a less diverse group of employees who have no experience with other cultures (Green Cage., 2015).
As previously stated African Americans and other minorities for centuries have been seen as lesser or lower than White Americans so how could one think that they are given an equal chance for admissions and job opportunities when they never started at the same playing field and level as the majority race. Students with disadvantages deserve a boost to help them achieve unforeseeable privileges that would have never been provided for them if these Affirmative Action policies were not put into place. Students that come from families with lower income are statistically less likely to succeed in grade school nonetheless in a higher education setting such as a university (Green Cage., 2015). A personal
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Native Americans dealt with getting their land taken away from them, subjected to unjust treatment and the process of the trail of tears where they were forced to migrate away from their homelands. African Americans had to live through slavery for many centuries. They had to deal with decades of unpaid labor with brutal punishment and hateful violence. Neither minority group had any constitutional rights for many years and were not considered citizens but were considered property instead and subjected to being sold or traded. Women also have been discriminated against for several decades and to this day is still seen lower than men in many occupational fields. They have been oppressed and could also benefit from affirmative action policies because equality should for everyone regardless of race or gender. I believe Affirmative Action is a balanced and a decent trade off as a way to compensate minority descendants for the wrong-doing suffered by their ancestors (Green Cage., 2015). Also I believe the goal is to reverse and eliminate any negative effects, feelings, stereotypes, and stigmas that were previously put in place caused by years of oppression and discrimination. It is obvious that discrimination still occurs and will probably

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