Essay Racism And The Civil Rights Movement

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Racism is the belief that people are inferior or superior to others due to their characteristics defined by race, sex, or religious beliefs... This idea is common throughout all races, more commonly in African Americans and Natives Americans. Racism is present in businesses, schools, and in the workplace. This social issue is less common in the present day in comparison to the late 1900’s during the civil rights movement. Racism has affected American history in many different ways. It has done so by fostering inequality, discrimination, and influenced how individuals relate to each other.
Racism primarily evolved from slavery. Between the 16th and 18th centuries, slavery was present in Spain, Britain, Portugal, and the U.S. It consisted of the capturing of individuals, from their homes and brought into the states or another country to work on plantation farms in poor working conditions. Slavery did not start in the U.S., but was happening long before in places like Babylon, Greece, Rome, etc. It has been present in our history for centuries. It all started in 1619 when the first African slaves were brought into Jamestown to work on big crop plantations. Not only were Africans taken from their homes but they were separated from their families and sold in auctions to other slave owners. They were treated poorly and could not leave without slave owners consent. In 1863, Abraham Lincoln established the emancipation proclamation to free the slaves. There were some who agreed…

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