Skin Color Discrimination Research Paper

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Skin color discrimination. Although the 21 century is the time where civilization and socialization plays an enormous role in this modern world, where people started interacting with each other. According to Daily News magazine, it mentioned that 4.8 million interracial marriages took place in the US, and 98% of the marriages were interracial marriage in 2013. Yet there are some areas which started in the earlier history of humans, united and divided them as all, and it is one of the fundamental ways in which one sees his/her self, or one another. It is a history written in the color of our skin, it’s called Racism or Skin Color Discrimination. The original concept of the racism was build and started on the presumption where they believed …show more content…
The color of humans’ skin plays as the conspicuous marker of one’s identity. This paper will show the negative impact that discrimination against skin color plays in terms of the work place, school, and the colorism effects on people with different skin color and race.

To begin with, Racism or Skin Color Discrimination, it started from long time ago, where one group of people felt they were better than another group of people, based on skin color. Furthermore, light skin people whether the European or Asian were mutant of the dark skin people, since science shown that the evolution of skin pigmentation is relevant to each and every one, because there is a mismatch between one’s pigmentation and the environment which he/she lives it. This is one of main thing that lead people to have problem with each other, where they cannot work together in the workplace. Although color
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Discrimination in the school is something that comes from the parent, teacher or the child’s environment, where children are raced directly or indirectly to hate other color races. Furthermore, Students from other race take what they learned from their parents and the environment surrounding them and take it to school where they create a hate and segregation between students from all race weather blacks, Caucasians, Asian, or Arabs. Racial discrimination in school refers to any act that one does to bully one’s feelings and emotions based on skin color. This could happen in any stage of school from preschool to college. Teachers, Administrators and other members can play a big role in it. Some teachers practice discrimination, especially in the class. Those teachers involve punishing certain students based on their minority status especially students such as African American, and Latino. These discrimination are always hidden ones such us unfair grading and punishments, and also the acceptance of other students to harass the minority students. Moreover, administrator discrimination are most likely to be harmful to minority students, because, administrators can use more strict punishments such as over penalizing, more suspension and expelling them from school more than caucasian students. One of

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