Essay on Racism And Hatred And Racism

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Nazi Germany was a place full of racism, and hate with the German people starving and looking for someone to blame for them losing the Great War (Kramer). Many may believe that racism has ended, but unfortunately it still exists. Along with genocide which seems to be forgotten over the years. However, there are genocides still taking place in our world today (United to End Genocide). The Jewish Holocaust was started due to racism and hatred even though Judaism is a religion leading me to believe that race is just apart of social classification.
Defining Racism
What is racism? Racism is when you discriminate or have prejudice against someone of a different than you (Khan Academy). There are people that believe that racism no longer exists, but it still does and you can see it everyday. Studies have found that a white man with a criminal record is more likely to acquire a job than a black man with no criminal record. You can also see it with American’s calling any asians Chinese or any hispanics Mexican. We do not seem to care about their race, and are quick to judge based on stereotypes that we were taught. Some of those stereotypes are about all Mexicans can jump fences, and every Asian is smart, and black people can run fast. However, these stereotypes are not always true and we need to stop defining people by them.
Racism and the Jewish Holocaust Adolf Hitler had a fascination with race and made many speeches about how he thought that the Aryan Race was the…

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