Racism And Excessive Force Treatment Of Minorities Essay

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Racism in police treatment of minorities has caused many disparities within our criminal justice system. Racism and excessive force seem be what the media is covering now. There are many cases that we find out from the media, but many more that police racism and brutality go unreported. Series of reports have been published, says that young black men are more likely to be incarcerated at a rate far greater than their number in the overall population. Does the media play a role in how police treatment is shown, or is it the minorities and their environment that cause the excessive force? What about the brutality of police shooting family pets, what is the cause of this epidemic?
Pet adviser starts with a story, of a Dog named Reese who is a 7 year old, 20 pound terrier mix that went out around midnight to use the bathroom. Reese was harnessed and on a rectractble leash, she saw a neighbor and started to bark, who only barked twice before, neighbor Cheief Deputy U.S. Marshal William “Buzz” Brown shoot the Reese twice. Brown said he felt threatened. Brown and Reeses were two feet apart and he thought she might attack. Reese survived, but because she was shot at a close range, her front left leg and shoulder had to be removed, and her back left leg is shattered. The vet bills reached well into $10,000 dollars.
There are many stories that the media shows of police shooting family pets because they feel threatened. Many of the animals do not surive either. The number one…

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