Racism And Class Social Class Essay

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Poverty can be found everywhere in the world and it comes from the persistent inequality that can be found in all institutions governing our lives. Classism is a large cause of poverty people are judged based on their given social class and are refused opportunities and privileges that allow them to better themselves and climb their way out of poverty. Individuals are judged based on their tastes and appearance and inability to adhere to middle-class social norms. The media bombards people with the false idea that the lower class are really just lazy and lack work ethic, that they are a drain on society. A huge contributor to classism is greed the wealthy and powerful wish to stay the same or expand on what they already have which leads to discrimination, fear, and general dislike of the lower classes. Coté defined social class as “part of the self that is based in material resources and connecting subjective views of rank” (cite textbook) the concept of social class allows us to judge others based on their net worth and not their morals, values, or work ethic. Where someone stands in regards to social class can be understood based on things as simple as their clothing, hairstyles, and personal tastes in everything from food to music, Angela McRobbie describes perfectly why this easy classification is a problem people experience public humiliation for failure to adhere to middle class social norms in speech, appearance and tastes (cite ). Not everyone can afford to follow…

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