Essay on Racial Segregation And The Black Community

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For too long in society, not only at a national level but at a global level, those who were not born with the melanin that determines skin color to be white have been marginalized. Some have the audacity to believe that certain skin colors are superior to others. Jethro Bunker said “Whites are white, Negroes are black, Mexicans and Arabs are something in between, Injuns are redskins, and Chinamen are yellow. I don’t need any fancy pants biologist to explain that one to me. Except for the vastly superior white race, all of deficient.” His flawed justification of genetic superiority relies on the increased prevalence of diabetes in the black community. Such bigoted comments deserve serious backlash for its ignorance, outrageous offensiveness, and for its downright un-compelling justification of racial differences. Throughout human history, one question regarding race has raged on, whether or not it’s a social construct or a biological reality? Those who characterize race as a social construct believe race is subjective and that it’s merely a socio-cultural creation. This construct has been suffused by social values, political aims, and economic interests. This view of race rose in popularity following World War II fueled by Marxists, social scientists, and cultural anthropologists. Those who side with race as a biological reality believe that race is solely an objective matter and is distinguished by clear genetic and phenotypic features. This idea has been held…

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