Racial Profiling Is A Hate Crime Essay

1554 Words Dec 5th, 2016 7 Pages
As a college student I tend to find that racial profiling is a hate crime, because you cannot assume that someone is a harm to the public based on race, gender or ethnicity. A problem that I see in today’s society is that police officers do more racial profiling than anything else. Leading into that can cause some much overcrowding in jails and prisons for unnecessary situation. Which it tends to end up to hurt families because of their love ones mistakenly convicted of something they didn’t do because of lack of Police training in racial profiling.
I feel that assuming someone by race, ethnic isn’t right, because you can’t just target one group and not target the other group. Even though there are other ways to profile by the way they dress, but it can really mistakenly be taken wrong because you can’t someone is bad based on their appearance. Everyone has a different cultural background in states or the way they dress, talk and act. I have seen t.v. shows involving someone is mistakenly put in jail because of profiling, either because they fit the description of a person who committed a crime they didn’t do themselves. Things like that have to be handle way more carefully than it is now. In the first source I have read it gives out some key things that explains why racial profiling exist and how it is getting out of hand.
In the first source, it talks about how thee was a study that color people are often stopped than whites, which statistically it could be proved. It also…

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