Racial Profiling And The United States Essay

2117 Words Dec 17th, 2014 null Page
In the past five years there has been a steady increase of racism in the United States. While it may be more subtle than in the past it is still evident that it occurs often. It is incredibly noticeable in the media and occasionally in sports. Where it is most visible is in racial profiling. Police and other officials jump to completely different conclusions when it comes to black people, officials almost always assume that if the person is black that they are most likely doing something wrong. What people commonly fail to realize is that most crimes committed recently are hate crimes. Hate crimes include anything done to a person based on race, sexual orientation, or religion. Due to its commonality people tend to look past it, and ignore it. While many thought that this problem was taken care of a long time ago, it is starting to be a serious problem again. The focus needs to be shifted to racism because it is making people feel unwelcome and hated in their home countries. Racism has become quite apparent in the media and in sports broadcasting. There have been many problems, especially as of late with the Ferguson trials. Racism is unacceptable because it makes people feel uncomfortable in their own homes. Racism is one of the world’s major issues today. Many people are not aware of how much racism still exists in our sports, televisions, and police stations across the nation.

One of the biggest problems that occurs is within the media. If you ever sit down and watch…

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