Racial Injustice Essay

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To start off, I agree with the title of this to a certain extent. I would like to point out before beginning that racial injustice still goes on today. I choose this topic because I felt that it pertained most to my life. I connected with this subject considering the racial injustice plagued Georgia for the longest time. I found it intriguing to me that after the civil war 's occurrence the racial justice system worsened. And the main cause was from rich white men that wanted free labor and the control of ones life. They used horrendous tactics to gain control over African Americans.
Having learned a little bit about black codes in a previous chapter, I liked how this chapter struck on it a tad bit more. The black codes left many African
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I found it absurd that some of the laws required people to own land, and if they didn 't then they would be incarcerated. It wasn 't their fault that they couldn 't own land. They had just been set free and the majority of the land was owned by the white men. Basically the state government made it nearly impossible for blacks to be dependent. Because of the Civil War and the loss of the black slaves the economy of the South dropped drastically as well. It was the perfect opportunity to use incarcerated men and work them harder than they did their own …show more content…
Segregation is the separation of two separate races in a community. This resulted in a large conflict between the African Americans and people all over the nation. White Americans and many others were given the newer, cleaner facilities While the blacks and were given inferior facilities. Facilities even for those standards which were borderline inhumane. The must inhumane thing done to enforce Jim Crow laws was lynching. These tactics were used by both southerners and northerners. It was a tactic used to scare the African American population as a whole into following the ridiculous black codes. From the short report that we read, I found this quote to sum up why blacks were lynched "Racial terror lynching was a tool used to enforce Jim Crow laws and racial segregation—a tactic for maintaining racial control by victimizing the entire African American community, not merely punishment of an alleged perpetrator for a crime." This was going on before segregation, but it became more public so that the government in those areas could take more

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