Prejudice And Racial Discrimination In Richard Wright's Native Son

The issue of White-supermacy has been the major problem in the history of United States.It is started from the Era of slavery,the most sensitive Era for African-Americans.Superiority and inferiority are the two opposite words that always has been used together.As if one is superior in rank,colour,nation then he considers others inferior because of his rank and race.And the one who is superior governs over the inferior or suppressed.In America,White community govern over the Black people as they are considered inferior because of their skin.Because of this oppression,segregation,both communities White and Black fail to understand eachothers.And this misunderstanding creates hate between Blacks and Whites. Many Black writers wrote
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Richard Wright through his novels,has tried to highlight the poor condition of blacks that how they suffered in society and are deprived from the facilities that Whites have. Through this condition,he captures the destructive effects of race on Bigger Thomas.In his autobiographical novel, “Black Boy”,”Color hate defined the place of black life as below that of white life”.(chapter 15).
The present research is based on the subjugation of blacks that how law is insufficient to provide them equal status as whites.It describes that how racism effects and torture black people.The researcher would try to highlight the effects of racism on Bigger Thomas in the novel “Native Son”.

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