Racial Discrimination During World War One Essay

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After World War One ended immigrants rushed into the United States. The discrimination increased as the number of immigrants did even though it was not only against immigrants. There were different groups of people that discriminated against certain races. In the South they made a law separating people by color. There are many factors behind the discrimination in the 1920s, such as racist groups and the effects discrimination had on the society. First, there were tons of factors contributing to discrimination like which race was most dominant. In 1920 there were 94.8 million whites, 10.4 million blacks, and 426,574 other races (Hill 2). Since whites were more dominant in the United States they had the majority and wanted it to stay that way. The new immigrants were not like the old immigrants because they did not try to blend in like they did. The new immigrants was from Southern or Eastern Europe or Asia and the old ones came from North or Western Europe. The majority of Old immigrants were Protestant while the new immigrants were Jewish, Catholic or non-Christian religions which caused a problem because they were different (Old Immigrants). The war had harsh consequences for immigrant families who was already in the United States and the ones who came after. Many immigrant families already in the country faced vicious social and job discrimination because of an antiforeign climate that was whipped up from the war. Even African American troops who was helping in the war…

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