Essay about Racial Discrimination And The System Of Privilege

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It would take generations to truly change racial disadvantage in America. As White Privilege suggests white privilege is institutionalized in the United States because it is woven in the fabric of society and one could argue that it is impossible for whites not to reap the benefits of being white. If this is true then the book challenges those who are white is to find ways to use that privilege to combat racism and the system of privilege as a whole” (Rothenberg 5). It would take people with the mindsets of not being okay with white privilege to be in charge and actually possibly change how the country works for “the first step toward dismantling the system of privilege that operates in this society is to name it and the second is for those who can to use our privileges to speak out against the system of privilege as a whole (5). So first and foremost, if I were to become an activist, as the text states, I would make people aware of the clear privilege which I never noticed my whole life until taking this class. After realizing the disadvantage, I know that I am not okay with being an oppressor, so I would hope others would feel the same and provoke change. Yes, I am a “lucky one” being white and don’t have to deal with the negative repercussions of being colored, but that doesn’t mean that I am okay with it happening to others. I feel like showing people how lucky they are might truly make a difference. Showing them that not everyone has it as well off as them because…

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