Racial Discrimination And Racial Profiling Essays

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The comic that was chosen was of the two police officers stopping a citizen. The citizen clearly looks harmless, but one officer has a gun pointed at him anyways; the other officer has colored sticks out that represent different types of races. He is racially profiling the citizen and is more focused about the color of his skin rather than the “crime” he committed. Racial discrimination and racial profiling has ruined lives of many people and their families. The law enforcement needs to stop basing their assumptions off of a person 's skin color and focus more on the crime. According to USA today, “Blacks are more likely than others to be arrested in almost every city for almost every type of crime. Nationwide, black people are arrested at higher rates”(Heath). African Americans are the most likely to get racially profiled out of any other type of race. This make their lives hard to live, they could be doing nothing wrong and get in trouble because some cop first look at the color then the crime. One reason why some police officers should stop racially profiling is because the public has lost its trust in the law enforcement. There are a lot of video on the internet that show police officers treating certain people unfairly because of their race and it 's not real justice. It 's not just black people either hispanics are being racially profiled a lot as well. In Rajana Natarajan 's article, “Racial Profiling Has Destroyed Public Trust in Police. Cops Are Exploiting…

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