Racial Discrimination And Gender Discrimination Essay example

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In America, racial discrimination and ageism are becoming big topics due to the ever ageing baby boomer generation and diversity. Society visually discriminates both groups based on their stereotype and race, using stereotypical and racist discrimination interchangeably and misinterpreting the difference between the two. The characterization of stereotypes is brought by the idea that an individual behaves or acts a certain way; not to be confused with discrimination, discrimination is the treatment of a group of people based on ethnicity, sexual orientation, race, etc. People of minority status have had a tough time with visual processing, especially when it comes to black individuals being categorized as a thug. Discrimination does not only affect minorities, but also those that are becoming elderly not matter their race. As a large number of the population is seen as elderly, ageism against the old will become an inevitable dilemma since people get classified as weak by other due to their appearance and not their physical abilities. Visual processing effects both of groups stereotypically and discriminatory aspect. The stereotypes of racism and ageism become a part of society that cannot be hidden, enhancing discrimination towards certain groups of people.
Stereotypes are focused on the idea of how a person is characterized. Stereotypes between racism and ageism are characterized differently since one is based on ethnicity and the other on age; including everyone no matter…

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