Racial Conflict Between Black And White Americans Essay

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Racial Conflict The issue of racial conflict has affected many lives in America today. For example, throughout history, racial conflict between black and white Americans has broken down many black men and woman physically, emotionally, and psychologically. An example of that is the racial segregation in the United States. For many blacks living in the United States, segregation made them lose access to essential things like education, work, and housing. Which in return caused an uproar in the black community and basically caused the black community to have a retaliation. According to Peter Katel article, Racial Conflict, he states that even after segregation is over with that racial conflict is still going on today. Katel states “More than 50 years after the official end of segregation and efforts by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and other leaders to protect minorities ' civil rights, many activists and some scholars charge that nothing less than racism still grips the nation” (250). Although racial conflict is still alive and growing today, these 3 main policy issues are the main reasons why they are alive today; police systematic brutality, The education system, and economic segregation. First, racial conflict is still alive and growing today through police systematic brutality. In Peter Katel’s article, Racial Conflict, he states that, “The impact of the criminal justice system, because it means jail for people, means the police are violent interacting with your…

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