Racial And Ethnic-Related Stressors As Predictors Of Stress And Academic Performance

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Quantitative Article 1
Racial and Ethnic-Related Stressors as Predictors of Perceived Stress and Academic Performance for African American at a Historically Black College and University study?

• What methods done in this study make this an overall quantitative study?
• The Perceived Stress Scale was used to measure participant subjective appraisal of experiences of stress.
• The Minority Student Stress Scale was used to assess racial and ethnical related stressors experienced in the campus environment.

• The data that was collected was a sample set o A total of 146 undergraduate students (73 African Americans and 73 White students) o The median and mean are best used with quantitative data, such as height, income, and number of hours
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(In other words, what about the article could someone use to argue that this was not completely a quantitative study?)

• The article is quantitative.

• What are the descriptive statistics used in this article?
• Descriptive statistics is the population that is being studied. The data that is collected:
i. Age, gender, educational class level, SAT scores, cumulative GPA, and educational aspirations ii. The mean age was 21.50 with a standard deviation of 4.9 iii. The mean for college aspirations (M=2.69, SD=1/21)

• What are the inferential statistics used in this study?
• The inferential statics was the hierarchical regression analyses conducted to determine whether minority status stressors would predict perceived stress and academic performance.
• Can you see anything wrong with the way the researcher(s) handled this study? Is there anything you would have done differently?

• The sample size of the study only included one HBCU more should have been included. One school can’t reflect a true reflection of how student are stressed. The study also only included students in introductory psychology, African-American studies, and honors courses in English (p.
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Most of the programs at George Tech are 5 year programs.

• Can you see anything wrong with the way the researcher(s) handled this study? Is there anything you would have done differently?

• The bridge program only reflected one school which has had a history of working with underrepresented minority students. Further research could have been conduct on school who may not have had a strong history of dealing with diversity. Most of the students in the bridge programs today are for remediation, and should look more as jump start program for student success.

Murphy, T. E., Gaughan, M., Hume, R., & Moore, G. S. (2010). College graduation rates for minority students in a selective technical university: will participation in a summer bridge program contribute to success? Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis 32(1), 70-83.
Salkind, N. J. (2014). Statistics for people who (think they) hate statics (vol. 5th). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publishing
• The standard deviation data was also included in the study. (Table 1, p. 76) o Race, Gender, residency (Georgia), socio-economic status, and if student was an

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