Essay on Race : Race And Race Relations

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Race in the United states is a course which explores race and race relations through discussions. Through the course, we could discuss various topics which race affects. For example, we discussed the prison system, health care, poverty, education, affirmative action, and much more. Not only did we focus on African Americans and whites, but we also explore different ethnicities and the way their ethnicity and race affected them. A big focus in the class was the intersectionality of race and others different identities because being a black man and being a black woman is very different. To understand a person or a minority we must understand how their different identities interact and affect them.
I had previously taken four sociology classes which all had talked about the intersectional between race, sexuality, gender, sex and class. I knew about some of the social problems which plague the world and some of the history of them but I truly did not understand how these issues manifested themselves in our daily lives. Through the class, I could learn from firsthand accounts how stereotypes and discrimination shape the daily choices of people my age or even myself. I learned the way which racism is something structural. One of the biggest examples of this is the criminal justice system. Laws and policies although some are not racist leave the leeway for a discriminatory point of view. Every step of the criminal justice system is in a way set against minorities, especially…

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