Race Matters By Cornel West Essay

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In his work, “Race Matters”, Cornel West talks about black America regarding political, economic, spiritual, and ethical issues during the late twentieth century. He writes about nihilism, which is essentially “the lived experience of coping with a life of horrifying meaninglessness hopelessness, and (most important) lovelessness” (West, page 1). The black community is said to be separated into two groups of people. The first group is a people who call forth any help from the outside, referred to as liberal structuralists, while the second group tend to support and/or follow self-advancement, known as conservative behaviorists. West claims that both of these groups only take care of the external part of the problem relating to racial tensions in society. What is that problem, and how can one fix it? It is the nihilistic threat, which is a disease for all minor races in any given country and insoluble by current political parties, that forms through a race’s particular and constant behavior in addition to the media’s portrayal, all of which are refutable by the usage of “politics of conversion”. Although written in the 90s, West’s book may apply to contemporary issues. The nihilistic threat is a continuous disease. In America, most blacks are looked at as a race full of dangerous criminals and law-breaking beings spreading chaos everywhere. Most Mexicans are looked at as drug dealers and/or addicts, and illegal immigrants. Most Arabs are looked at as radical Islamists who…

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