Race Is A Social Invention Essay

1198 Words Oct 20th, 2015 null Page
Race is a social invention. Past attempts to classify race on a biological/genetic base have not been proved by any scientific research. The concept is a pervasive historical root of social inequalities, persistent today (Bonavilla-Silva, p. 131.) Agency is not effective in remedying inequality because of the stubborn denial, by white people, of the reality of discrimination in the name of race supremacy. Although there is no consensus on what race is (Manza 2013, p.240) it has an important impact on daily life and it is tightly linked to social and economic inequalities. Reality shows disparity between Whites and Blacks, or other minorities, in income, wealth, education, employment, incarceration rates and health. Racism, or applied discrimination, is the result of the different worldwide beliefs about race, institutionalized since its beginning with European colonialism. Privileged white people, because of their alleged “Divine” or “Natural” superiority, (Omni and Winant, p. 14) never felt the need to think actively about race. Today when debates rise, they just hide behind a position of non-responsibility for the historical past and—worse, of blaming the victims for their status supposedly derived from lack of will power to change their lives and become wealthier (Manza 2013, p.250.) There is an immense difference between guilt and responsibility. Whites are right not feeling guilt for old racial laws and past slavery legacy, although they need to understand that…

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