Race Is A Social Construct Essay

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Race is a social construct. There is no one gene that makes an individual African American, no one physical trait that classifies an individual as Asian, and no one cultural attribute that can define an individual as Caucasian. However, race is not solely a social construct. It is an attribute that grants certain individuals the privilege of looking through rose colored glasses, while disallowing others to be given glasses at all. These glasses cause the very basis of discrimination and intolerance that led to the slaughter and internment of the Ponca Tribe that Helen Hunt Jackson describes in “A Century of Dishonor” and the segregation and racism towards African Americans that Martin Luther King, Jr protests in “I Have a Dream.” While both Jackson’s “A Century of Dishonor” and King’s “I Have a Dream” convey a central theme of inequality and highlight the urgent need for justice, they are dissimilar in rhetorical appeals and expression of thesis.
Both “A Century of Dishonor” and “I Have a Dream” describe the malevolent acts committed against the minority races and express the message of the government not fulfilling its purpose: to protect the rights of its citizens and to be just in dealings, regardless of race. In “A Century of Dishonor,” Jackson describes the predicament of the Ponca tribe through the use of imagery. Jackson gives an account of how the crops was withered, the ground was not viable for planting, and the ravines were dried up and how Poncas were forced…

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