Race Impact On Higher Education Essay

Race Impact on Access to a Higher Education
Race has been a segregating issue that weaves all through history starting in the US with slavery before the Civil War. History has stamped anyone who is not a white person with the label of a minority. In 1954, Brown vs Board of education as a huge landmark for the issues of segregation because the US Supreme Court declared state laws that established separate black and white public schools to be unconstitutional. (Prins, n.d.) This overturned the Plessy vs Ferguson decision in 1896 which allowed segregation among states. The No Child Left Behind Act activated in 2001 with the intent and focus that close student achievement gaps by providing all children with the opportunity to achieve a high-quality education (Baker, Betebenner, & Linn). Unfortunately, these are still issues today that impact access to a higher education for minorities that is unfair and unseen in our judiciary system. Minorities live in poverty stricken areas that create a downward spiral for children in primary education by no exposure to the proper required material needed to pursue a higher education, lower test scores, higher drop-out rates, and lower enrollment into colleges. First, is the issue of lower funded primary schools that cannot acquire the proper curriculum to teach children the required education
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The Annie Casey foundation states that “Because of race and class segregation and its relationship to local school venues, students in high-poverty racially segregated schools are not exposed to high quality curricula, highly qualified teachers, or important social networks as often as students in a wealthier, predominantly white schools.” Through so many events in history segregation has tried to be resolved, but still looms in America today, and this is evident with race impacting access to a higher

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