Essay about Race, Ethnicity, And Ethnicity

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Introduction Race and ethnicity are integral part of our world. As time has evolved race in our society has become very complicated. Since the 1600s through 1800s racial categories have developed and they keep developing. (Peek, Lori) As Golash Boza said, “In the United States, one of the first things we notice about someone we meet is race.” (Golash-Boza) As time has passed and I have gotten older I’ve understood the importance of my racial and ethnicity background. I have gotten a sense of my own identity and also learned the expectations of society. I’ve seen the movement in our society’s identity and how important race and ethnicity is in this world because it makes each and every individual. Even though we have learned that the idea within races, lighter is better. (Peek, Lori) I believe that even though we have different color of skin, eye color, hair length, and different facial features we are all equally the same no matter what race we all are as a society.
Your Racial/Ethnic Identity Race refers to a group who share physical and cultural traits as well as common ancestry while ethnicity is your ethnic traits, and classification. (Peak, Lori) Growing up my family never really talked about race or race relations, I’ve grown up with a very mexican family, and truthfully I wouldn’t change it for the world. Their excitement and dedication has influenced me throughout my whole life. My father is a first generation citizen originating from Michoacan, Mexico. He is…

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