Race : Black Muslim Women Essay

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Race: Black Muslim Women
Race is a term used to identify ourselves with. For some, it comes with hatred and discrimination to their specific racial group of people. There is a background of race and explanations of the origin of race hatred. In my opinion, I think Black Muslim women are the most interrogated people of America. Being a Black Muslim woman comes with misogyny for being a female, racism for being black, and islamophobia for being a Muslim. Since the beginning of time, women have been treated as if they were on a lower class level than what men were on across the globe. Womanhood and motherhood value varies from different cultures. Some praise women for their ability to nurture human lives and others take women for granted and don’t care about woman lives. Women started off not allowing to work, then they eventually had the right to with the help of awareness of discrimination and unfairness. Women’s pay started off very low, but slowly rising. Although their pay was increasing and the employment rate for women rose, it never reached the same amount as how much men get paid in America. Women have been struggling economically and politically and still to this day. In the article “Sex, race, and class: The Perspective of winning” (2012) by Selma James, she suggests that in order to have an equal fair for women employment and class there should be organizations. One strategy she created is called the “Invest in Caring not Killing” for struggling women in the…

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