Essay On African American Women

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Today’s society has made it impossible for women, African American women especially to love the skin they’re in. Either you’re praised for having the flattest stomachs, and the biggest butts in the media world; or you’re frowned upon for it in the “white business world.” African American women have been known to be have rather wide hips and plumped bottoms. In today’s age all of our celebrity role models have had some work done. It seems like you have to enlarge your body parts to flourish in the business of whatever you’re in media wise. Yes they look appealing, but they are getting praised for these bodies. Bodies that the average African American woman does not have. In the business world if you have this then you must tone it down to fit in with the other women. Many black women, like Hagar look for approval in a man. In today’s generation we have people like Kim Kardashian, Blac Chyna, and Amber Rose in the media. Women will enhance the way they look just for the attention of a …show more content…
You will only get attention from men if your body is “snatched.” Everything is based off of appearance and sex appeal. All women are beautiful just the way they are. Women must hide who they are and your cultural background in order to flourish in the business world. Everyone, especially woman should able to express their selves in anyway without being judged by their coworkers and peers. Throughout this essay society has major pressure and influence on black women. In all of these examples they were changing for the likings of one group or another. While doing this their inner selves are still chained inside. Will enough ever be enough or will they continue to be pulled and pushed. Black women are still slaves in this world. They never gained any freedom. They might not still live on a plantation with a slave master with shackles on, but they are in invisible

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